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What do you think about this user Raja that always gives the answer we are just robots made of flesh controlled by spirits and toys for dem?

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    With all due respect to "Raja" ("Chief, Prince," in Hindu-speak), would note Indra as the champion over that which is negative ("Vritra"), and that latter entity ~ = Judeo-Christian-Muslim "satan" or "enemy," and the Zoroastrian "opposition to Good."

    Therefore, would suggest that instead of looking at the human-cup as half-empty (or worse), it would be enlightened self-interest to accept, in one's appropriate faith-tradition and/or Energy-Oneness practice(s), the Indra/G-d/God/Holy Trinity/Allah/Ahura Mazda, etc. model, wherein divine Light, Life, Truth, and Love, and so on, gain Victory over the notion of "robotic mankind" controlled by nefarious forces (btw, not an inaccurate assessment, insofar as fallen angles tend presently to hold sway over much of benighted mankind).

    In a devolving era, wiser fish swim upstream, draw nigh to God, Plotinus' One Mind Soul.  Some of the reset positions advocating this in Western philosophy include Plato's Noesis, Plotinus, Descartes' man-soul in Image and likeness of God, thinking God's thoughts after Him, Pascal's enlightened general wager ("Love God, aka divine Love, and Love colleague as Self" usually covers the objection of "which God-rules" Blaise is advocating), Kant's Noumenon, which in later Kant finds him, talmudic-like, interpreting God to Man, and Kierkegaard's Knight of Faith making the draw-nigh move to God Knows What.

    It may be of interest that Ahura = Vedic "Asura," which is "Lord," and Mazda is cognate with Vedic "medha," which is "wisdom" (or intelligence); thus Ahura Mazda as interpreted and understood by Zarathustra is wise dominion, wisdom...and, the love or appreciation or harmonization with Ahura Mazda = "philosophy" in its purest sense  ("thus spake Zarathustra").

    To quote "Brother Bill's" poet-colleague, "He not busy being born is busy dying."

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    gives a perhaps-late-Camusian and/or late-Nietzschean (as he follows his "Ma" around her home, dressed in a white linen garment) and/or even Jeremiah-like opinion.  A perhaps-better approach: is one who rises up the mountain of Being.  Related:  "The Soulless One."

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    Philosophically speaking there are no 100% good or 100% bad human beings 

    even if the distribution is somewhat skewed

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    We don't single out particular users on here.  Just make your point or ask your question on TOPIC, not on individual people here.

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