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Have I left it too late at 40?

I am a bit of a commitment phobic because I have been hurt in the past. I want a relationship but I like the chase but when it comes to getting serious I want to make sure there isn't 'better' out there and I end up finishing with the girl. I want children but not outside of marriage, is 40 a bit too old to start dating with the view for marriage and kids? I am male, i know i am still commitment phobic but hoping the right girl will change my mind? I use online dating as i am too shy to ask a girl out in real life

I don't live in the country i was raised in so it's a different culture where i live now.

I don't want to marry a woman with kids or a divorced

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    come on bro..............any woman will look at you and see a guy not married by 40............. and assume you must have some serious issues .

    and then assuming you date anyone remotely your age.........and then need to date, before popping the're expecting her to pop out kids, at  40-45? 

    and be  " all that" ........that you won't have second doubts ? 

    Yeah, sure dude...........anything else?   should she drive a fancy sports car and own a beachside mansion, while you're at  it, too? 

    any angel like THAT.........would damn sure be snapped up and TAKEN by 40 bro-. ------unless she had serious issues and problems herself. 

    Try coming back down to EARTH a little if you expect and serious results. 

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    It's not too late, but your criteria is much too restrictive to find a partner at your age. Under 30's aren't going to be interested and over 30 are likely to carry some of the baggage you don't want.  You also need to look at whether or not you're going to want to be a parent into your late 40's and 50's. Females in your age bracket are women, not girls.

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