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How do you write a contracted name followed by "is"?

Since you already use an apostrophe to indicate possession, how to you contract a name and "is". i.e how to write "Franks fine" instead of "Frank is fine"


@Chi girl So it is the same as possession?

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    Frank's car (possessive) is the same as Frank's fine (Frank is fine). You just have to know the context to figure out which one it is.

    There are lots and lots of issues around apostrophes - the weirdest one is that the word 'it' doesn't take an apostrophe for possession, only for contraction of "it is". So you would write "It's raining today" but "The dog wagged its tail". It's very odd, and I don't know we do it this way.

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    You can't contract a name.  

    You mean a contraction, in this case, of Frank and "is":  Frank's fine.

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