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how is the ECB (European Central Bank) similar and different to the Federal Reserve Bank?

I have read that the Federal Reserve Bank is more or less a private banking cartel...and was wondering if the ECB is the same...if so, which private banks are their main members?  how the rules are similar /different in Europe to that in USA over central Banking?  are they really running their stock markets like casinos now? who this old lady is that is the spokesperson for the ECB and is she in on this corruption or what she knows about it?

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    The Federal Reserve Bank is not more or less a private banking cartel.  It is more or less a government agency.  All banks are technically members, but they don't really control it.  It's run by a Board of Governors who are appointed by the President, of the U.S., not by the banks.

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    Wrong category.  Ask in Business and Finance 

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