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Is this a good story? ?

I am doing a project. In this project, we have  pick a legendary creature, (monster), and write a story about it. The creature can be from any culture and part of the world. The story has to be set, (time and place), where the creature originate from. The story doesn’t have to be about the creature itself, but rather the people and the place it affects. I have decided to choose The Mothman so my story takes place in West Virginia in 


In the story, there is a fictional town. Several people in the have seen this creature and the news of this creature spreads like wildfire all across the town and in the surrounding towns! People are scared! No one goes out after the sun sets and everything closes before the sun sets! So what do you think the people of this town should do to protect themselves and their families from this creature?! 

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    It resembles an idea that a questioner asked here several times.  Monster wandering around the countryside in the American South in the 1960s. Townspeople barracading themselves and their provisions inside the local school or town hall. 

    "What happens then?" the questioner asked.

    "That's up to you," was the reply. It's my reply to you.

    Think about what your characters would think and do.  Would they call for help to the nearest Army, Marines or Air Force Base? Would they hunt down the monster with hounds, guns and knives? This happens in the segregated USA of the 60s (when in the 1960s?), so what about the racial factors?  Do the Whites hunker down in the White school and the Black's in the Black school?

    Think of what is the point of your story.  The up front problem is getting rid of the threat posed by the monster, but do you want to kill it or tame it or put it in a zoo?  Do you want to show the townspeople acting in solidarity, or do you want to show the fault lines when more than one family must share a building and a food supply? Or two or more opposing races or factions?

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    Not really, no. You lost me pretty quickly. 

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    They should build giant mothballs, out of naphthalene.

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