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Could this boy like me? ?

There's a guy at the local gas station who works there. Everytime I go in he is really helpful. A few days ago after I sanitised my hands before going in, I used the pin terminal to pay for my groceries. He got me sanitiser for my hands even after this and even got me paper towels. He even came out after me to the car as I left my receipt at the till with it.

Yesterday we were chatting as I was in there again. He kept watching me from the window and looked away when I caught him outside. 

Could he like me? I dunno what to do 

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    Yep, he's been hooked. Now you have to decide to reel him in or not but strike while he is still hungry.

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    3 weeks ago

    Casually drop a box of cereal and see if he runs to pick it up for you.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Sounds like he likes you,  But he might be shy. Go there a few times and if still seems friendly, ask him out for a cup of coffee.

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