Dell Inspiron 5593 Keyboard is not working Properly  i have brand new Dell 5593 but bottom Two Rows of Key Board is not working Properly .?

Dell Inspiron 5593 KeyBoard Bottom two Rows Specially "b" "n" "2" Shift+ any Key, Down Arrow Key And Enter is not working properly.

Troubleshoot done by me

Uninstalled and reinstalled Key Board

Checked Updates

Also Checked In Safe Mood, and Bios

its Really Frustrating I got locked my accounts because of Wrong Password and cant enter any OTP correctly BECAUSE ABOVE SAID KEYS ARE GIVING MULTIPLE INPUTS/PRINT OR SOME TIME NO INPUT.

PLEASE help me in this issue. I have also contacted to Dell since the product is in warranty. but i dont want say something about them here.

please give me solution if anybody has and please dont suggest above said troubleshoot because i have already tried them. 

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