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Why do my friend dog ignore me?

Me & my friend been roommates for a while now my friend has a dog & cat the dog is a 3 years old labrador dog she been ignoring me is starting to get me pissed off she even starting to bully me like every time I eat she would stair at me then right when I put the food in the trash after Im done eating she would try to steal it from the trash then when I tell the dog to stop she dont listen maybe I should start yelling at the dog I would fight back I dont care if is my friends dog. Shes also a jealous dog my friend did not tell me she is a jealous dog until after I pet the cat so the dog been ignoring me ever since after I pet the cat the only time the dog is interested is when I play with her other then that she ignores me completely even on commands I love the cats though is so kind it will cuddle with you it will come to you it will play with you unlike dogs who are only loyal to their owners. 

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  • Maxi
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    3 weeks ago

    The dog sees you as a lower pack member than he is which is why it ignores you and only manipulates you when you are eating as you being a lower pack member give in and feed it your food or put what is left into the bin where it takes the opportunity to steal it.......stop being lazy and put left over food in a place where it can't get it so empty the bin... yelling at the dog will just prove you are weak and a lower pack member

  • Jojo
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    3 weeks ago

    Yes, GROW UP. There is no reason at all why the dog should notice you  at all as its not your dog.

    If the dog annoys you by staring at you when you eat, (most Labs are very greedy dogs) then put the dog in another room or ask the owner to do it. I can agree that its annoying when dogs stare and drool at you when you eat. 

    Make sure the trash can has a tight fitting lid!!

    Its up to you if you feel you need to play with the dog, but in my opinion I`d just ignore the dog like it does you.  

    Keep your affections for the fickle cat. ok?

  • 3 weeks ago

    You've answered your OWN QUESTION in the last sentence.  The dog is LOYAL to it owner.  Many dogs ARE!  The dog IS NOT YOURS!  It does not care about you, it is not "REQUIRED" to.  Grow up, and get a LIFE!

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