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Jo asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 3 weeks ago

Is anyone else tired of hearing about Star Wars?

Everyone I talk to has some star wars rant ready, every day seemingly, some new Star Wars project is being hyped, every day some new meme makes its way to my news feed, or I see ANOTHER youtube video talking about how great the prequels really were and how **** the sequels are, or how **** the prequels were and how great the sequels are. I'm so sick of it all, there are *other* franchises, you know. For some reason, Star Wars just gets the most attention in all matters, even when absolutely NO ONE in my social circles actually like it. There are *two* good Star Wars films for the record (ANH and TESB), why the hell does Star Wars continue to get so much attention when a good film hasn't come from it since the 80s?!

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