Has anyone lost a friend or family member to the Corona Virus?

This past May, I heard that my doctor was a victim of the Corona Virus and at first, his sister and I were hoping and praying that he would recover from the Virus. But then things got worse and on June 27th 2020 he died of the virus. And on July 6th was his funeral. So if you have a lost a friend or family member because of the Virus, please let me know. This question is not a joke.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes,my brother,who is an eye doctor tested positive for it,but seems to be doing fairly well.The Governor of his State of Oklahoma has it,too,even though it is not supposed to be rampant in that state.I checked to see why the Spanish flu faded out 100 yr.ago.(1/3 of the planet contracted it--500 million and I think 20-30 million deaths)and what happened was that as more and more people got it,the virus mutated to a weaker form to adapt.Eventually,in about one year,it diminished(but has never disappeared totally)until it was pretty much over.I hope that will happen,again with this pandemic.We can only hope.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I know 3 people that had it ........one a NURSE, working in the COVID wing at the local hospital.....but she's recovered, and amazingly enough......has returned to her job. 

    Another was a pharmacist.....and she had it more seriously......and battled it for 3 MONTHS..........but she too finally recovered......although I don't think back to work yet, as she's still  not 100%....and may never be again. 

    and the 3rd was my niece......an EMS Ambulance worker.....handling patients....... and she got it too. But luckily made a full recovery . 

    So no deaths, thank God......but I know people who had it. 

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