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How do I stop being too scared to play horror games?

Every time I play them I get really scared and have to turn the game off before I run into any monsters. Once, I tried to play one on my friend's Oculus Rift, and I started crying and had to take it off almost immediately. Even scary moments in non-horror games frighten me sometimes, like when enemies appear unexpectedly and start shooting at me. I always turn the game off as soon as it happens, and I honestly wonder if I'd wet myself if I kept playing. My friends all tease me for this, they all know what a coward I am. How do I stop being such a wuss?

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    You're not a coward sometimes there are other underline issues that mess with our minds subconsciously. I'm not a superstitious person I dont believe in ghost yet to day I woke up after a spooky *** dream that had my heart beating quick

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