I fell and slipped in the shower? Feel strange now?

Hi, I was showering and I was actually going to sit in the bath tub as i was lowering myself kind of was in a squat my foot slipped and i fell in the tub. I probably fell a foot and a half from the bottom of the tub. I landed weird. I think my right foot slippled and i fell on my right hip ( right top hip/buttocks and then i also fell on my lower right side if that makes sense. I didn't feel pain then but now about 1 hour later it is starting to hurt i feel a lump on my hip area but not sure if thats always been there or if its because i fell :(. Am i going to be ok? I am 28 and do have nerve problems in my arm and uppper back, i also do sometimes have SI joint flares but no other problems. I hope i didn't do any permanent damage. I still feel shocked that i fell.... and feel strange about it like i spaced out when it happened im not sure how to explain it

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Maybe you suffer from postural (change of position) hypotension and kind of fainted? If it happens again see your doctor. You're going to have some bruising now so it will feel sore.

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