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Repressed Memories from childhood coming back 20 years later ?

I started having repressed memories the other day when looking through old photos from when I was kid. I keep having this memory of me (female) playing house with my younger sister (3 years younger than I). We would play house together ALL the time and my younger sister would usually play the male roles. I keep having these memories of us kissing. I think was around 7 or 8 years old when this would happen. Like her and I would kiss like what we saw on the tv - and it wasn’t like a peck, it was more than that. Because that’s how I saw people kissing on the tv. I don’t think it happened a lot, I just remember like 4 instances of it happening when we were playing. It’s been bothering me for weeks now and my younger sibling and I never talked about it. But I know it happened a few times when we were playing, I don’t think I meant it in sexual or incestual manner but now I cannot get it off my mind of WHY I would do that and I keep wondering if my little sister remembers those moments and it makes me feel so disgusting. Like I feel so gross knowing that happened and j have no idea what to do. I know this isn’t normal, but is it common? For siblings to do this? I feel awful. I am in a hetero relationship and have been for many many years but I’m ashamed, embarrassed of my actions from when I was younger. Can anyone shed some insight or own personal experiences with this? 

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