Should I have just walked out?

Today, I went to a job where one of the girls was supposed to train me. When I stepped in, she seemed very surprised I was there but she scheduled me to come in today to train with her. The owner also didn't say hi to me at all. The manager training me didn't even explain or give me hands-on training about what I would be doing. She gave me very little information and was very vague. She kept typing away on her computer doing lots of tasks for the owner and at one point was on her phone just scrolling while I was sitting there. I was so tempted to leave right then and there. I sensed a lot of condescending attitude.

She kept handing me over to the new girl to keep training me twice even though the new girl had no real experience with the job yet. She said she was sorry she couldn't train me that she had lots of stuff going on. They were beyond rude. I am not going to correspond anymore with them because they treated me very badly. Should I have just walked out?


I don't have the job. I went in for a training day

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    If you want the job, go back and ask 'What is a good day for me to get training...I felt I didn't learn enough during the last training session."

    If you don't wan the job...don't go back.

    Note : The unemployment rate is close to 13% right now and people are desperate to work any job they ...that means...out of 100 people... at least 13 of them would be happy for the job and not complain about the training situation.

  • RP
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    4 weeks ago

    While it seems you were treated badly, you should have told them you were leaving and would consider returning if and when they wanted you back and had the time to give you the necessary training. Despite their bad treatment of you, it is important you behave respectfully and not act toward them as poorly as they have toward you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You can answer that can't you?  You still have the job, don't you?

  • 4 weeks ago

    We have no idea your situation.

    If you need a job and had a hard time finding one, you should stick around. 

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