Someone's answer got reported by me while choosing the best answer that I never meant what should I do now...?


@ไม่เป็นไร - If the flag is touched by mistake... Does it report the question and answer on here..?? 

Update 2:

@Carolokla - Could you please read my question carefully as here I m talking about someone's answer... and you are talking about someone's question that I couldn't get it...

Update 3:

@ Carolokla - Only flag icon was touched by me... don't know how it happened and suddenly got this message...

Updated 6 hours ago:And... Thanks to everyone for answering...AnswerSaveEdit13 AnswersThis answer reported by you is hidden. Show the answer

Update 4:

@Carolokla - Maybe 8 years ago..someone asked me to report troll's question but it did not happen and it was fine for me.... and thereafter i have never ever reported anyone's question and answer on here...whether you believe me or not...

Update 5:

@Carolokla - Can you provide the question where I have answered my own question..??

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  • Daniel
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    5 months ago
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    Dont worry It has to be Reported by a Trusted Reporter in order for it to be Taken down if they did not do anything wrong as long as a Trusted Reporter does not Report it the Answer will stay up 

  • 5 months ago

    I do that allllllllll the time!

    I want to hit POST , after leaving a comment  and accidently hit the report flag icon by mistake..........

    but that doesn't report the person until you hit you could just cancel the report.    There's no way to "accidently" report someone  

  • I know you must feel terrible about this happening but it isn't much you can do about it.  You can hope that the person knows how to use the help menu to appeal the deletion but of course, your trust level may go down.

    You could do an update and apologizes for your error wait and see if they appeal.  Give them a few days if not maybe award someone else the favorite answer.

    No, it does not report if you just touch it.  You have to submit the violation.

    She must be really sick today.  Stay up 24 hours a day to point game here and can't take the pressure.  She can not even read the question correctly.

    Voice, I think she forgot to take her insulin injection tonight.  Her statement makes no sense.  She did this before.  Just ignore her, she has serious problems and doesn't know how to handle life.  For example, she is using a 20-year-old cell phone to use this site.   

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