What’s an overrated comic book movie?

It can be either marvel or DC

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    I think Captain America: Civil War was badly overrated.  

    I'm not saying it was a BAD movie, but I usually hear it talked about like it was one of the best MCU movies, and I'm sorry, it just doesn't deserve that.  It was just okay.  Characters lined up largely arbitrarily, the sakovia accords came out of nowhere way too suddenly, the entire villain plot was a nonsensical Rube Goldberg machine filled with completely nonsensical assumptions wherein if a SINGLE thing doesn't go perfectly NOTHING about the plan works, and I though Black Panther's introduction was clumsy and handled poorly.

    I also think Black Panther itself was overrated.  

    Terrible worldbuilding, bad acting (excepting Michael B Jordan and the girl who played Shuri), an obnoxious CG fight at the end that robbed the climax of all energy … have I mentioned the terrible worldbuilding?  Because it was terrible and routinely knocked me out of immersion in the movie because I just couldn't stop face-palming over the terrible worldbuilding.  And the villain was basically Hitler, yet T'Challa never really morally condemns him.  He just kind of disagrees on tactics.  Again, it's not that the entire movie was bad or that I didn't enjoy parts of it...I definitely did.  But I feel very strongly that the movie got great reviews mostly as virtue signaling.

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    3 weeks ago

    Spiderman is really old

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