which is proper grammar?  ...correctly read or ...read correctly?

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  • Bryce
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    2 weeks ago

    Adverbs are the mavericks of English they can wander about anywhere in the sentence. 

    Consider a car going down the street at a rapid speed. You could sayQuickly the car went down the street.The car quickly went down the street.

    The car went quickly down the street. The car went down the street quickly. There are only a few places where quickly cannot go.

    You can't say The quickly car went down the street. Or The car went down quickly the street. 

    Or The car went down the quickly street. But wherever you put "quickly" is a matter of style and choice. On rare occasions an adverb changes the meaning of the sentence.

    Truthfully she answered, does not mean that she answered truthfully.  It means the statement that she answered is true.  She may have answered with a lie. But she truthfully answered or She answered truthfully both mean that she was telling the truth when she answered.

    Then there is only

    Only I have eyes for you, means that nobody can stand to at you.

    I only have eyes for you, means the only thing that I have are eyes and they are for you

    I have eyes only for you, means that you are the only person that I enjoy looking at you

    I have eyes for you only means the same as the above. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    I would say rather: Read correctly.

  • I'd go with read correctly. 

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