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Am I wrong to break up with him because His penis is to big. Sex seems impossible?

Great guy. But it is too much. We have tried twice and I just can’t.  He is not messing me up.. lol Is there any thing a doctor can do? Can any woman’s vagina really take any penis size? I would really hate to lose this guy but he about to go!! 

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    A relationship, especially a long-term or serious relationship is about compatibility.  You don't have to be 100% compatible but you need enough to make the relationship work.  That includes sex.  For example, if he wanted sex 3x a week and you want it 5x, you can negotiate and accommodate.  If he wanted it 1x a month and you want it 10x a week, that's too much of a difference.  And if his penis is so big it hurts to have sex, well that can be a deal killer.  I had sex with a guy .. not a boyfriend, just a casual hookup ... he was huge and I was hurting like 3 days later.  Fun to play with but way too big for sex ... for me.  A girlfriend of mine is now hooked up with him and she loves his junk.  So each to her own!  If he is a great guy and you think you can work on dealing with his size, give it a try.  If it's just too big and never going to work, you should let him go. 

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    My radiation dr gave me this thing (it looks like a vibrator but it doesnt vibrate) to help keep the scar tissue from my hysterectomy from making my vag slowly close... sounds weird I know! I kinda chuckled when he told me it could happen but it's true! They told me to either use it or have sex 2 times a week

    Anyway... I forgot all about this thing for like a month and my bf and I were on different schedules so we had like no time together for awhile.... the first few minutes of sex that time were pretty painful, I've never experienced anything like that, not even when I lost my virginity.  Now I dont forget to use my vibe looking thing is we dont have sex for a while. 

    Also VERY IMPORTANT! Lube, lube, lube! Sometimes I feel wet enough and then suddenly I'm not. Especially if I've been drinking or havent drank much water that day... either way, lube will help no matter what.

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