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What is the best philosopher on YouTube?

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    There is Yuval Noah Harari who has a lot to say for himself, even telling the

    head of the E.U. Bank what should be aims for a future Europe.

    He also has critical views about what Artificial Intelligence holds for the

    Environment going forward.. where he believes that the trouble lies with

    the actual A.I. and not the CONTROL of the actual artificial intelligence

    designed apparatus.

    Another budding philosopher who has an objective science background is

    Robert Sapolsky, an American neuroscientist who has done a lot of work 

    on behaviourism and Darwinian evolutionary behaviour selection.

    The pioneering free Youtube lectures of his (Stanford I think) lectures show 

    the breath and depth of biological behaviourism ; and as such these lectures are

    uniquely placed on the one side of the philosophy debate known as "Knowledge Selection.

    The other side of the debate, that of "Knowledge Design" can be compared

    to the role of COMPUTERS in how knowledge is designed or framed in the


    And this should excite and enthuse all the objective philosophers out there

    since if such knowledge design can be shown to be superior to the

    biologically supported knowledge selection then this would mean a major

    reset in our theory of knowledge.. and more particularly a shift in the theory 

    of environment knowledge going forward.

    Can it be done ?

    I think it can... and with the dire warnings of physical environment change

    emerging, the above looks more likely imperative for a new post-pandemic

    way forward, especially for knowledge design and for it's adapted method


     ^ adapted method (design) learning



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    Wode Maya. hhe explains diaspora stuff

  • 4 weeks ago

    Well there's one person who could be one, but is just a professor in psychology, and somebody who reads a lot into philosophy. He's called Jordan Peterson.

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