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Goldman Sachs earnings are incredibly good. is that due to the US Treasury & Fed. Reserve  handing them a Trillion dollars for bailout cash?

how does this work exactly? I read that the "Federal Reserve Bank" is like a banking cartel or a group of top banks and many of these banks are WORLD WIDE,,is that correct? so the US Treasury agrees to write IOUs to the Fed Reserve Bank in exxchange for more funny money that they just create and then gives it to their member banks , maybe Goldman Sachs? why/


I think the US Treasury is the one writing the IOUS to the Federal Reserve Bank and then the US Treasuy decides to give it to whomever they want?

Update 2:

and why not give it to their member banks like Goldman Sachs?

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    Good lord, they taught me this in 7th grade back in the 80s:

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    Yes, Goldman Sachs has always been thought of as a good stock to own.  I would buy some myself, if I wasn't so goddamned poor.

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    Major Brokerage houses being flush with cash is not a bad thing. Have you any idea how HOT this economy would be right now if DEMONcrats did not have their boots on the neck of it in the name of Covid, but it is really because they can''t bear to see the Orange man score a win. ?

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    A person in the multitude asked Christ if he was required to pay taxes. 

    Jesus said, "Someone hand me a penny."

    One of the people nearby gave Him one so He turned it over and asked, "Whose face is on this coin?"

    "It's Ceasar." they responded.

    "Good.", Christ said returning the coin, "If it belongs to Ceasar, then trust Me, he expects it back."

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    Which was it... the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve Bank?

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