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Why can't Cody Rhodes and AEW shut the hell up and focus on building their own promotion instead of ripping off TNA/WWE/WCW?

All Elite Wrestling feels like a bunch of juvenile dweebs who just found out what WCW was and the promotion heads can't seem to shut the hell up.


So ol' Cornette agrees, well even a blind squirrel stumbles upon an acorn at some point. 

Update 2:

AEW ain't even trying dog

Update 3:

"AEW is destroying WWE in the television Ratings"

Not really, you seem butt hurt someone dared criticized AEW.

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    I havent had a chance to keep up with AEW in a minute...however i feel where you are coming from to a certain degree. I have noticed when it comes to anything that involves cody, he cant seem to stop taking shots at wwe.....primarily triple h. I hope when this whole pandemic settles down, they start making thier own homegrown talents, and not rely completely on former talents from other promotions like tna did....

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    3 weeks ago

    How old are you? 5? You sure act it junior. AEW is destroying WWE in the television Ratings. I'm sorry your butt hurt and WWE puts out a bad product weekly. Just look at the Tv Ratings Junior.

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    AEW has done some cool stuff, recently they haven’t been able to work with a lot due to the pandemic you have to figure you will get a Tyson Jericho feud at some point and they will find a way to feature Broken Matt Hardy in there as well as a role for the all released WWE superstars

  • Hector
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    3 weeks ago

    I think they should force all sports entertainers to do more rest holds and less gymnastics 

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    Everything in wrestling is stolen from another promotion. Every idea has been done before. He's just trying to do it better. Got no issue with it. Not a fan but I've got no issue with it.

  • Wow, you sound exactly like The Legendary Manager of The Midnight Express, Mr. Jim Cornette, in fact you might be him for all I know? That's what he says regularly on his many Podcast Platforms. Yes, AEW would be better served by pushing Wrestlers who actually know how to Wrestle, do Interviews and Cut Promos. There is a lot of talent there that is being under utilized.

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