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Why are so many young to middle aged women these days so manipulative?


They seem to try and manipulate their boyfriends, husbands, parents, parents in law, etc to get what they want when they want it.

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  • Jen
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    4 weeks ago

    Manipulate to keep him loving her, stay committed and interest in her is not evil. If the female manipulate him for bad reasons then you can talk. Guys like pu c that taste good and can really get inside their head. Fun and games! They don’t want no bro girl. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Most once over 30 years old, turn this way. < (just my personal experience)

    Younger Girls are still fun and lovable.

    Older are out to get what they can.

    I say much like a tourist

    " They pose in front of someone else's boat for a photo. "

  • 4 weeks ago

    Because they don't have physical strength like a man so they are born manipulative. Look at how women expect to be treated like princesses and have a cry and stamp their feet when they don't get what they want, when they contribute nothing to the world other than nagging.

  • Jerry
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    4 weeks ago

    One person's "being manipulative" is another person's "setting boundaries and limits; outlining expectations and consequences." 

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  • God
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    4 weeks ago

    They have always been that way.  Remember, women control ALL the nooky.

  • 4 weeks ago you've met, gotten to know and been manipulated by the billions of young to middle aged women on this planet??


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