Who is objectively right in relations between two countries: Russia or the U.S.? ?

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  • Andrew
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    4 weeks ago
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    Moscow and Washington have been disagreeing about most things for the better part of a century now. It's impossible to give an objective answer because the two countries have butted heads on so many different things over the years, but generally speaking, I think that the US has been in the right more often. Here's why. 

    Russia is the successor state to the USSR and considers itself the inheritor of the Russian Empire's long and illustrious history. Russians consider themselves to be a breed apart and don't make any bones about the fact that they have every right to flex their muscles in their own backyard. The Russia we have today is a sad shadow of what the USSR was at its height, but despite losing its superpower status, the Russian Federation is still a very formidable world power - it's the largest country in the world by area, it shares a land border with a staggering 14 other nations, it boasts the second most powerful military on the planet, and continues to be a major player in geopolitics. Russians are a cultural force and their immense pride and great resolve will not allow them to slip quietly into obscurity or irrelevancy. 

    The Soviets knew that they had to counter strength with strength. It was obvious to everyone that they could never take the Americans on and hope to win, but they prepared for the confrontation they thought they might be able to survive. The amassed a very sizable, very powerful army... They were brutal in their treatment of their own citizens and those of Soviet satellite states... They believed that the only remedy for their geography problem was to put as much of a buffer between themselves and the West as possible. This led to problems after the dissolution of the USSR as the newly independent countries which had once been Soviet Republics were attempting to determine their destinies. And of course, much of Eastern Europe was completely thrown into disarray because the USSR had been serving as the mother ship for many of those countries. Russia has responded very aggressively to developments it sees as being against its long term interests. 

    Moscow does not like the thought of its former republics growing closer to the West, and particularly with the United States. Russia doesn't want its former republics or satellite states to join NATO or the EU. Russia is openly backing violent separatist movements in former Soviet republics in Georgia, Moldova and The Ukraine. Russian military personnel have been operating in other countries such as Syria and Ukraine, and it's an established fact that Moscow has been engaging not only American trained, funded, and equipped forces, but has on at least a few occasions directly engaged US military personnel. The Russians have attempted to depose democratically elected leaders, they've murdered dissident journalists, they've killed civilians and have broken all sorts of international laws. Chechnya has been a disaster. Dagestan has been almost as bad. The oligarchs in power in Moscow act with complete impunity and Russians see giving a thumb in the eye to the US as being enough of a victory to be satisfied with themselves. 

    The Americans are certainly not completely blameless either. The US is a relatively young country by world standards, and the US has managed to achieve an incredible level of economic power, political power, military might, and cultural influence in its short lifespan. The United States is the wealthiest, most powerful, and most influential nation that has ever existed, never mind that it holds all of those titles today. The Americans have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 800 bases in about 70 countries. Think about the magnitude of power you possess when you have 800 military bases located in 70 other countries. The US also possesses a military that is just astoundingly strong. The US Air Force and the US Navy are some of the most fearsome military assets of all time. And the US doesn't seem to respect the fact that the Russians consider certain places to be off-limits to US bases, to US aligned political leaders and to US cultural influence. And those places would include - all of the former Soviet Republics, all of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, specifically Poland, The Ukraine, and the Baltics, but also former Yugoslav Republics and the Caucasus. 

    But if the major issue between the two sides is that the Americans are treading on Russia's territory, then the issue is clearly going to be decided in favour of the Americans in the court of public opinion because the US isn't invading Russia and attempting to pick it apart, one small fragment at a time. The Russians outright invaded Crimea. Imagine if the Americans had invaded Russian Kaliningrad or Russian Karelia. The outcry would have been insane and of course Russia would have responded to that sort of aggression with full force. But eventually, the Americans are going to call Moscow's bluff in one of these instances and the Russians are going to be handed a very nasty defeat. It's not up to Russia if Estonia wants to join NATO or if The Ukraine wants to join the EU. It's not up to Russia whether places like Georgia and Armenia want to build stronger ties with the US. You see, what Russians need to understand is that is what being "independent" is all about - doing whatever you want. 

    The Americans spent a lot of money, invested a lot of time and effort, and sacrificed a lot of lives so that their system would win out over what Moscow was selling. From sub-Saharan Africa to Latin America, from Southeast Asia to Korea, the Americans have tried to sow the seeds of democratic reform and free market capitalism. It hasn't always worked, but that doesn't mean that their vision is flawed. What have the Russians done for the world since they defeated the Nazis? Nothing. They've given us a Cold War that could have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people around the world... They've given the world gulags... They've imprisoned their own people and those of the satellite nations and forced people to exist in an Orwellian Hell. They've given us catastrophic nuclear disasters... They have routinely interfered in free elections in other countries, including those in the United States. For all their faults and flaws, the Americans are definitely in the right in practically every dispute they have with Russia. 

  • gerald
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    4 weeks ago

    Well Russia was Imperial once had the decadence of rich capitalism so did China we are talking many centuries even millenia you are 244 years a nation and capitalist where will you be in a thousand years alive or dead its up to you its no longer swords its a fight no one will win 

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