Would a guy stop pursuing a woman he likes very much just because he sees her talking to another man?

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    It can be really hard to find out that someone you really like is already in a relationship or is not that interested in you. 

    Some men would absolutely stop perusing asking a woman on a date or for sex if they are talking to another man because they think they are either in a relationship or that are more interested in the other guy.

    However some other men won't stop perusing them just because of this, usually because sadly they are more interested in either having a relationship or having sex than they are for the woman's feelings or opinions. 

    This is not always the case of course, sometimes drunk guys will persue women regardless, and admitidly some women like it when men challenge each other to talk to her, however not all men are the same and it completely depends on the situation and how nice the guy is weather or not they will or won't talk to a woman if they are already talking to another man.

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