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Book help?

About 11 years ago I was looking in my schools library for a book when I came across one about teenage pregnancy but I was afraid to check it out because of my age at the time. All I can remember was that it was an older book and I believe the cover was pink and had a backpack on it. Can anyone come up with suggestions on what the name of the book could possibly be? I thought it said something down the lines of "preparing to be a teenage mother" but when I google it I get nothing. Someone please help! Thank you!

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    It is probably out of print.  

    One book that was in print 11 years ago was "Facing teenage pregnancy: a handbook for the pregnant teen" by Patricia Roles. (2005)


    This book is more recent.

    "Teen Mom : You're Stronger Than You Think", by Tricia Goyer (2015)

    306.87 is the Dewey Decimal Classification number for sociology books about teens.

    I hope your library and bookstores are open now.  The online bookstores are open, of course. The book you seek may not be available, but there are others about coping with pregnancy in your teens.

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