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Will this affect my qualification for naturalization?

I’ve Been working (part time, hourly) since I became an US permanent resident, but my income was below the requirements to file tax so I didn’t have to file it up until last year, I’ve decided to file it even though it was still below the exemption. I never applied for welfare or such, and currently working near 30 hours a week  while going to a community college. I was wondering if this would affect my qualifications for naturalization or not? I’m currently 25 and has been in the U.S for 8 years so far. 

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    You'll need to submit the last 5 years' worth of income tax return. That is not a tax code requirement, but a requirement of the USCIS in order for you to naturalize. Luckily, that's an easy fix, as the N-400 only asks you "if you ever failed to file a required tax return." They don't ask when you filed. So file the returns for 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 now. Hope you kept records of your income, no matter how low. Problem solved.

    Also, if you are a male, you'll need to submit your registration document for Selective Service. If you failed to register, you'd not be able to naturalize 'til age 31, which is 5 years after the registration period ends.

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live on the American Riviera and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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    How could you be in US for 8 years and not even earn enough to support yourself? Earn so very little you are exempt from filing tax returns? As a permanent resident (green card holder), you had to file income taxes, period. 80% of American college students work at least 20 hrs/wk to help pay for school, and the percentage of community college students working is even higher. Community college programs are no more than 2 years, and you've been an adult for 7 yrs. So it might be a good idea to work more, file your income taxes, start looking like a productive member of society & an ADULT. Right now, you look like a prospect as a public charge since you've had plenty of time to get education/training, start supporting yourself. 

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    Low earnings will not disqualify you from citizenship. Going on welfare will disqualify you.

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