What do REAL PROGRESSIVES want exactly?

I've seen them say their voting third party to spite Joe Biden because Bernie Sanders didn't win the nomination, advocate eradicating every president as war criminals, advocate giving the country back to 1.3 percent of the population [Native Americans and Alaska Natives], advocate giving 13.8 percent of the population one million dollars in reparations [Black or African American], cheer the murder or endangerment of law enforcement, advocate the world can sings kum ba yah together and pitch the left version of conspiracy theories.  E.g Barack Obama suppressed Muslims to boost the opioid market.  Unstable is putting it lightly.  They're literally just the opposite side of the Alt-Right coin.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    "Progressive" is a huge umbrella term that is difficult to give a strict definition for that isn't at least a paragraph long. It's kind of like saying "dinosaur".

  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    "Progressive" is like any other title in that it is self professed and includes a wide variety of opinion. I know plenty of people who call themselves "progressive" just because they favor things like universal healthcare (for others, not themselves as they'll just use boutique docs and pay out of pocket). Of course they still want to own cars, live in single family homes and send their kids to private schools - all things the far left seeks to abolish - but yeah, they're "progressive". 

  • Shorty
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    3 weeks ago

    “Progressive“ is The word use in Marxism. It means toward  socialism.

  • 3 weeks ago

    A clean America.

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