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What forms of housing assistance exist besides section 8?

Needing assistance to get out of a toxic situation.

Maximum occupancy in my state is 2 people per bedroom..  So, no I can NOT shove myself and 2 kids into an efficiency or one bedroom..  NO landlord will allow that either.    2 bedrooms would be too small anyways because I wouldnt have a place to sleep.


Does hud housing let me choose where to live?   Or is that what project housing is?

Update 2:

I want an apartment tho, not a house.

Update 3:

NO landlord is going to rent a one bedroom to a family...  And with occupancy limits, they DONT HAVE TO.

Update 4:

Ohio the limit is 2 per bedroom..   And NO landlord around here will rent a one bedroom or an efficiency to a family...  So a single room IS NOT AN OPTION.

2 bedroom really wont even work becausd I wont have a place to sleep.

And you CAN NOT put kids of opposite genders in the same room either

Update 5:

Apartments dont have "dining rooms"..  They have a small dining area within the kitchen

Update 6:

Cramming more than 2 per bedroom or using communal areas for sleeping is what illegals do...  Not all occupants are on the lease if they are cramming that many people into an apartment

Update 7:

You must be renting houses or duplexes.   NO apartment that I have seen in this area has an actual dining room..  Just a small dining area in the kitchen.. Literally a spot just big enough for a table and thats it

Update 8:

I have two jobs.  I have child support.   Rent rates are still too high because boomers monopolized the housing market.

I dont want a house...  Just an apartment.

Update 9:

Kids of opposite gender can NOT share a room.  I dont know what kind of shithole you all live in where thats acceptable or appropriate.   These arent toddlers.  

Update 10:

They arent breastfeeding infants either..  So no, I can't share a room with a child.  That is also very inappropriate

Update 11:

NO ONE is trying to help.  Just criticizing and making bad suggestions.

I dont need free housing, just a little assistance to afford something reasonable.   Im not even wanting a whole house and yard..  Just an appropriate sized apartment (and an efficiency or one bedroom is NOT appropriate)..  3 SMALL bedrooms is sufficient

Update 12:

Your "suggestion" of a 1 bedroom is NOT helping.   NO landlord will rent a one bedroom to 3 people.   The maximum occupancy ANY landlord in this are will do is 2 per bedroom.   It does not matter what laws you quote.    They dont allow multiple people to cram in small apartments here because we have issues with illegal immigrants here.   If they allowed it, thered be dozens of unrelated people crammed into a space

Update 13:

Apartments here also do NOT have dining rooms.  The dining AREA is part of the KITCHEN..  Which CANNOT be counted as a sleeping area.   Its literally just a little space big enough for a kitchen table.    I have yet to see an apartment with a separate room for dining.

Update 14:

Cramming a bunch of people in one room is uncivilized.  

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    2 bedrooms would be sufficient; your children can share one or you can share with a child if they're too old to do so. Stop ranting; people are trying to help.

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    A smart person would call and ask their local housing authority 😉 

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    HUD is not for renters.   It is about home ownership.  Section 8 is "subsidized" housing and you would have to qualify and you need a job to qualify.  So, two kids & three bedrooms - you cannot rent above the law.  No landlord is going to put himself in a liable situation for anyone.  Have you filed for child support?  Can you send the kids or one of them to the father?

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    OH BS.Few states have a restriction on number of occupants in a house.The Fair Housing authority may have a restriction but that's different than a state law.  The general fair housing authority restriction is the 2+1 formula.  2 people per bedroom + 1 extra.  With your 3 people, you would have no problem renting a 1 bedroom.How to get out of a toxic situation?  LEAVE.

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    i have hud housing, thats also low income housing

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