For the UFO believers, what do you think of Project Serpo? Its the holy grail to read about astronauts visiting 1of da aliens'👽 home planet?

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  • 2 months ago

    Internet say it is science fiction fantasy, but a few scientists believe it true, and one write book about it. Some top scientists prove interstellar travel is impossible. 

  • 2 months ago

    I think I've never heard of it, and I know I'm right.  Never heard of it until just now, and from your description it sounds very uninteresting.

  • 2 months ago

    Not at all.  It is a disinformation campaign to cover up the malevolent experiences that we have had in the past.  It is the way that greedy people tend to trick you into slavery by another race of humanoids.  The testimony and evidence doesn't match up with what we know.  This is how corruption in politics takes its place.  Just like the corona virus.  It is a means to strip away your civil liberty rights.  The UFO's of that era became into being because of mankind not being able to maintain a physical stature.  That is why reforms during the 1970's had to do with nutrition programs and welfare programs.  To this day regions that face the most poverty have more UFO activity.  The conservation of energy and mass explain why we see and experience these apparitions.  Life is intended.  When circumstances occur that prevent life, then you have an expression of the energy that the life represents.  God's intentions will change reality so that an expression of life can come to be.  When we are very young we see life differently because we have to train ourselves to accept certain realities that are sustainable.  With the blink of an eye we make realities disappear.  That is why CERN's efforts are futile.  We blink away the darkness.  That is why children are selected in the Census and are killed, because this is the age that we cast out the darkness.  We continue to cast out darkness, but our brains have devised a way for us not to realize it because, it causes so much fear.  There are man things that you do that are a part of who and what you are.  The darkness wants to limit your perception of your capabilities because you are more powerful and at war with the darkness.  So these types of disinformation campaigns increase as the darkness attempts to control us.

  • Tom
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    2 months ago

    UFOs and their reality have NOTHING to do with ALIENS and their Spaceships, if any.----Sure, if an Alien spaceship entered our atmosphere or space it would be termed a "UFO", but we wouldn't know it was an Alien Spaceship.---And if we found out it was, then it would NOT be a UFO. it would be an ALIEN SPACESHIP.

    UFO means UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object.---NOT aliens.  The confusion in the public sphere and the morons who keep stressing the "Alien" connection, only serve to keep unidentified flying things from being properly studied.

    UFO theories range from undiscovered weather and electric phenomena to even biological organisms who live in the upper atmosphere and near space.---and who knows what else, as we are talking about stuff we do not know YET.

    Imagine the frustration of pilots and legit Scientists denied the opportunity to study some unknown phenomena in the sky, simply because SOME IDIOTS think it's "Space aliens"-----And the superiors think the Scientists and pilots are just as moronic for only wanting to learn what is really going on.  _So since "Aliens dont exist"---Neither do their ships (UFOs)---That's the kind of dumb "Logic" we have to fight here.

    We do not know EVERYTHING about our atmosphere and near space YET.  So it seems to reason that, from time to time, something will appear or show up that we do not yet understand.---Nature is like that.  It does not care if it is in our Science books or not when it makes an appearance---never did.

    Its high time we Get our terminology straight and STOP calling UFOs "Alien Space Ships"-----Just call the Aliens,---- "Aliens", and lets get UFOS to mean UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS-----so we can properly study them and not be confused with the "Alien nuts" out there.

    Besides, there is NO PROOF any UFOs are "Alien spaceships"---And even when "Aliens" are seen and encountered, there is no proof they ARE actual "Aliens. 

    So we DO know there are UFOs, but that is about ALL we do know about them .  "Aliens" are only premature speculations and one of many many possibilities---lower down on the list.


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  • 2 months ago

    There are some sources about a project like this but most probably, the astronauts ended as a steak.

  • 2 months ago

    The idea that the military is keeping all they know about UFOs top secret has been proved false by the recent Pentagon statement in which they confirmed that the interesting video of what the pilot thinks is "something out of this world" is real Navy aircraft data.

    Why would they feel it necessary to keep this sort of thing secret? The comedy team of Mitchell and Webb explores the question.

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  • Dr. NG
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    2 months ago

    Since I know there are unidentified objects spotted regularly, I am a believer. Project Serpo tho is 1 of da dummerest tings I eva hearin.

  • We Christian believers have said it many times, that so-called UFOs do NOT exist!

    All those people who have seen with their own eyes these unidentified spacecraft, or characters like Aliens, are actually Mutant Demon Spirits.

    These spirits use to deceive mankind with these visions, but we know from knowledge, and some of us, from experience, that they are Demons who disguise themselves as they want.

    If you believe, or don't believe, that's the truth!

  • Jon
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    2 months ago

    It appears to have just as much substance as Walter Old's claim that the Earth has two moons and that the existence of the second one is being concealed by an occultist conspiracy.

  • 2 months ago

    the  military  will  make  certain  to  keep  it  behind  their  curtain.

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