What is the most pretentious thing you can remember seeing or hearing someone say in regard to music?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    #1 is without a doubt: When someone assumes what type of music someone listens to/likes based solely on their age - that someone is too old or too young to like certain music. Yes, age can influence our taste in music because of what we listened to growing up/our generation. But, just because someone is 'older' doesn't mean they can't like (even PREFER) new stuff - and vice versa: just because someone is younger, doesn't mean they can't appreciate and love older music. 

    Love of certain styles of music is based on how good it makes you feel - whether it's from the sound, lyrics, experience, or all those things and more - age is not the only factor responsible for someone's taste in music. Not all old people listen to old music and not all young people listen to young/new music.

    2. This one kind of ties in with #1, because it's based on another prejudice: That because I'm a woman, I must be into boy bands/not like hard rock. When actually I was never into boy bands and my favorite genres are Alternate and Hard Rock NOT pop and soft rock. Not all women are delicate flowers when it comes to their music taste.

    3. That a band sucks based on another person's opinion. "Oh, I heard that that band sucks." Then that person runs with that opinion because 'they heard it somewhere' -  So instead of listening to it for themselves or giving the band a chance, their opinion is persuaded. You just never know what you might be missing if you don't try out an album/musician and listen for yourself. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    To be honest with you I can take it or leave it.

    Music is not that important to me(your not 19 forever)

    But having said that and trying not to be too pretentious Mongolian throat singers make music that is far superior to anything made since the dawn of human civilisation

    Seriously though music fans are the most loyal and opiniated I know so inevitably you are going to get some pretention to a degree.

    Which in the big scheme of things is no bad thing.

    Vive le difference(there's me being pretentious ha ha)

  • 3 weeks ago

    Anybody who's always talking about the Beatles. Those people are just so boring. If you're obsessed with the Beatles, congratulations, you decided to obsess over a bunch of dorks teenage girls in America were fawning over sixty years ago. I mean, they were all hot back then, but c'mon. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Call reviews the 'reviews'. I would opt for 'descriptions'.


    I don't understand these thumbs, on my blog the reviews (which are not reviews) are called descriptions (because are this), I have the proof.

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  • Andrew
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Probably something along the lines of "I despise all modern music - it's rubbish. I only listen to classical." 

    I've actually known quite a few people like this over the years. They're always people who have an inflated sense of ego when it comes to their level of intelligence, and they always want people to see them as being more intellectual or cultured than they really are. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Anytime I read someone's review of a band or song. I wonder if they listened to the same thing I was. Reviews are just weird. The Brits use social media and reviews of EVERYTHING. Comes down as creepy to me.

  • Chad
    Lv 4
    3 weeks ago

    Well gee dude, only about 90% percent of the f1cking questions asked in this very Y!A forum!!!

    Its pitiful how willfully stupid and banal some of the people who ask questions here are. And the sad thing is that, these small handful of people ask the majority of the questions here. 

    And you know who you are. People, just do a little f1cking research before coming here and making idiotic and or revisionist claims about bands like Nirvana. (F!CK PEOPLE!!!!). 

    Im sure many of the guilty parties are young and were spoiled with 4th place trophies. But I do not reward people for being full of schit. Especially when it comes to music.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Sorry man. None of that is directed at you. Good question. Seriously. Have a Radiohead song. 

  • One word:   Pitchfork!

    The only reason I would read their reivews is for a laugh, I'm surprised they haven't disappeared up their hipster @$$es.

    Here's a brief example:

    "Radiohead, who titled their ninth studio album A Moon Shaped Pool, have a unique grasp on how easily profundity can slip into banality. Their music is obsessed with the point where great truths harden into platitudes, where pure signal meets wretched noise"

    Words Fail Me....

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    The most pretentious thing I hear people say regarding music is when they're going off on some self-indulgent description of their band's genre, like, "Oh, we're our own unique genre. We're, like, acid-fusion funkadelic meets post-grunge neo-punk mixed in with some dubstep and old-school ska except with a twinge of death metal-ish industrial to keep it all fresh and authentic, ya know?"

  • 3 weeks ago

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