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I could be pregnant?

A bit of a long winded story. I have been seeing a guy for just over two weeks. I have been on the mini pill for the last few months.

I had an appointment with gynaecology a few days ago after having a few womb infection symptoms (I got antibiotics for). Gynaecology told me I should not have been on the mini pill due to other medications I take and the pill would not have been effective at all the past few weeks! They don’t know how my GP has missed it. They think there is a chance I could be pregnant because of a few other symptoms I have, but due to my complex health problem it will take longer for the hormones to show up in my urine to do a test. They have advised me to take one in a few weeks time. 

Should I tell the guy I’m seeing about this? I’m just worried that if I don’t tell him and I am pregnant it will then sound like I’m lying if I say “the pill wasn’t working the whole time”. Is it better to tell him in advance? If I don’t tell him then he will be suspicious if I say we should start using condoms now after a few weeks of not using them? 

I don’t know what to do? 

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    Communication is key, it's important that you guys are on the same page especially when it comes to sex and that's pertinent information for him have to continue making informed decisions.  

  • Anonymous
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