Anyone here living with glaucoma? ?

So 8 years ago I went in for an eye check up and the dr noticed both of my optic nerves were bigger than normal. She put me down for glaucoma suspect and said that It could be that I was born like that or could early signs of glaucoma. Years went by didn’t think about it. Now I’m 28, two months ago I went for new glasses and did a quick check up and dr noticed the same thing (this is a different eye dr btw) he told me to go to a specialist to get a better look at it. He told me the same thing I could have been born like that or it could be early signs of glaucoma. 

He told me it was nothing to freak out over yet. And that when I come back next year he will let me know to see the eye specialist for further testing. 

For those who have it, how scary is this? Will I lose vision or do medication work well to prevent that? 

Has it affect your normal life? 

How often do you see the eye dr? 

And how expensive is treatment and the check ups? 

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Lets start by talking about what has them worried. Your optic nerve connects your eye to your brain. There are millions of fibers in this nerve. when we look in your eye, we see the end of that nerve. In the middle of the nerve there is a depression called the cup. In glaucoma, the cup gets larger. Often we assume large cups were once smaller so we worry about glaucoma. In someone that is 28, that worry should be minimal. I'm pretty sure that the worry is large cups. Large optic nerves actually make us less worried about glaucoma. You need to see a doctor that has a camera that can take pictures of your optic nerve. There are also higher tech ways of documenting the topography of your optic nerve. You need to go back to the same doctor so that he can compare the appearance of your optic nerve over time. If you move quite a bit, you could ask your last doctor to email your last pictures to you or your new eye doc. A diagnosis of glaucoma would not be expected to have much impact on normal life. Most of the time treatment involves drops. I would expect these drops not to cost you more than $100 a month if you get no help from insurance. The drops may sting and make your eyes red. My guess is the whole battery of tests that you would have at a specialist would cost between $200 and $300. Your regular insurance should cover it.

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