Pregnancy or infection of any sort?

I’m 16 years old and have been experiencing a lot pain whilst urinating. I have also been told by a few people that it could be a yeast infection or UTI. I’ve had sex around 3 times - all times


protection. So I don’t think it’s possible I could be pregnant. Today is a Tuesday and I had sex: yesterday Friday and Last Tuesday. On Saturday morning I had gotten some thick white discharge whilst some burning and painful sensation and I was told by someone I could have a yeast infection. I’m really concerned and scared because the last thing I want right now is being pregnant. I just don’t know why I have pain when I urinate. Also I don’t get my periods regularly because I have ovarian cysts. I’m not sure if I should consult the doctor or do a pregnancy test at home. I really don’t want to have a urine sample and turns out I’m pregnant with my parents finding out. Please help and give some advice. Thanks x 

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    That's a UTI. See a doctor, get some antibiotics. You're not pregnant, that's not a sign of pregnancy. You can also talk to the doctor about getting an IUD or implant: prevents pregnancy, and nothing for your parents to find. You should also think about what you would do if you do get pregnant. Can you get an abortion where you live? What would it cost and would you be able to get the money?

  • J
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    3 weeks ago

    Sounds like a UTI. See your doctor so you can get antibiotics. 

  • helene
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    3 weeks ago

    It's way too early for pregnancy symptoms or a pregnancy test.  So nothing you are feeling is related to pregnancy.

    There is no reason to fear going to the doctor.

    There's's also no reason to think you're pregnant, but if you want to test, you'll need to wait a couple of weeks.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You likely have a urinary tract infection - go to the doctor.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You are 16 and can seek medical treatment without parents' consent or involvement. That doesn't sound like pregnancy, it sounds like an infection. If you are really worried, do a home pregnancy test and then call the doctor. 

  • Faith
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    3 weeks ago

    You need to see a doctor. No one here can properly diagnose you. It's way too late to worry about your parents and what they will think if you are pregnant. How do you think they will feel if you get a kidney infection from an untreated UTI? I can tell you as a mother I would be very hurt if my child was sick and in pain yet didn't tell me till they were seriously ill. That would hurt way worse than something like pregnancy. You decided to do something adult (having sex) so now it is time to act like an adult and seek medical help. 

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