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I know a friend who is getting abused by her husband. What should I do as she is miserable.

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    3 weeks ago
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    Steer clear of this.  That goes double if you're a guy who might be interested in her.  Even if you're just friends, there is not one thing you can do until she's ready to leave him, and that may be a long time. 

    You can offer to look up nearby dv shelters and get the numbers for her.  But until she's willing to make that call, she won't go anywhere, and you could possibly be putting yourself at risk. 

    Finally, "lovebug" is well intentioned, but this is horrible advice.  If this guy is really violent, he's not going to give a crap about why you would report him.  He'll be furious at both you and your friend, and one or both will pay a big price.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Not YOUR job to do anything. If she's being abused, she should notify the authorities and have him removed from the home. 

  • I would keep talking to your friend about things, but first and foremost, report him! Just explain to them you're looking out for your friend and tell them whatever she tells you and whatever you witness. I would also invite your friend to stay with you so she can get out of there and also encourage her to leave him for good. 

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