Song lyrics ?

Idk how good these lyrics are

Sitting alone, cause I'm afraid to talk

I'm afraid to accept it

I'm afraid to be me anymore

You've turned my heart

Into cold icy steel

Because it hurt too much to feel

And all the times I wanted to run away

But the fear was worse than if I stayed

And every day I lost myself a little more

I was too scared to run out that door

Because of you 

I can't feel like I'm safe anymore

Because of you 

I've become untouchable 

Each day, you took a little piece of me

Until I was a shell

Of who I used to be

And all the times I wanted to run away

But your strong hands they made me stay

And then I felt myself begin to fall

I didn't care if I didn't see the dawn

And I

Can't let myself fall

Can't let myself lose it all

Because of you

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