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My fiancé collects these hot wheel cars ?

My fiancé collects those hot wheel cars, he has 3 displays of cars in an extra room in our house and the whole closet is filled with them as well. Do you think it’s weird for a 26 year old to still be collecting these? He still goes to stores and buys a whole bunch all the time. Who else’s husband/boyfriend/fiancé does this?

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    People like to collect things. All sorts of things. Some of them become valuable, others not so much.  Your boyfriend's choice sounds like something a little kid would like, but that's his thing.  What I might be concerned about is what you said, that he keeps buying "a whole bunch all the time". How ready and willing is he , when you marry, to live on an agreed upon budget, and to meet financial responsibilities, to invest for the future, and other money matters, such as savings for emergencies, etc.? If all his money goes into his hobby, that doesn't sound like readiness for marriage to me. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Actually, I've heard that some of those Hot Wheels cars are worth money. A lot of money. He may be sitting on a fortune. Mention that to him and see if wants to sell some. Could help pay for a sweet honeymoon.

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    My dad collected Matchbox cars when he was a kid in the 1960's and maybe 1970's.  I'm sure he was done collecting by the time he went to college.  It's a bit of a weird hobby but it's way better than meth cooking!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    nope, not uncommon ............................

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