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What does (redertimination:initial) mean for unemployment?

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    It appears to indicate the initial determination has been reconsidered.

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    A "redetermination" refers to a process that "determines again" if you are still eligible for some benefit -- in this case, unemployment benefit payments.

    Your eligibility was determined as "Yes -- Eligible" in the past (meaning you were declared eligible for unemployment payments), but now the time has come for your regularly-scheduled renewal of this eligibility. This may occur every year, or every 6 months, or whatever the awarding agency has determined.

    So the expression "redetermination:initial" means that your regularly scheduled renewal of your eligibility for unemployment payments is now happening.

    The word "initial" means that this is the first step (the initial step) of the renewal process.

    First you do whatever they want now (Fill out a form, maybe) and then there will be another step soon -- maybe an interview with a person who will make sure you are still eligible for the renewal of your unemployment benefits.

    Many assistance programs award you the benefit for a specific period of time.

    After that, you must apply again to get a renewal of your benefit for another period.

    Don't ignore or postpone this initial step in the process of being renewed ("re-determined")

    Missing the dates will cause difficulty with the bureaucracy -- which you do not want -- and may even cause them to cancel your unemployment benefits.

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    "Redertimination" is not a word in the English language. Check it and ask again.

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