how do i tell my doctor about embarrassing things?

i have a doctors appointment this afternoon for really bad pain. he prescribed me tylenol 500 for pain. i have a bad gag problem and have trouble taking pills so i got a pill swallowing cup which is helping me take pills the right way. anyhow the tylenol i went to take it last friday with the pill cup and the pill was bigger then my other ones i take, and i could not swallow it, so i ended up going to bed with no pain meds. anyhow saturday morning i had a big day and was really hurting so i realized i had tylenol suppositories here from before whe ni needed them. so i took one saturday and the pain decreased. the tylenol suppositories work better for me when oral tylenol for sure. i wanted to tell my doctor that i took a suppository for pain so that he knows i did use pain meds and all, but i am embarrassed to tell him i took them. i know he is a doc and all but i am still embarrassed. my one friend said do not tell him as he does not need to know how i took the pain meds just needs to know that i took them. should i tell my doc that i took a tylenol suppository for pain control or should i let it go and not tell him? help am embarrassed


P.S. my doc is so good that he can take one look at me and see how much pain i am in, so he will be totally understanding of me having to use the suppository for pain control and plus i am nauseous as well from pain so he would understand but i am still embarrassed. also i been getting my tylenol suppositories on amazon but do they come as a prescription? i had anti nausea suppositories before as a prescription but does tylenol suppositories come as a prescription option? 

Update 2:

also i asked years ago about tylenol suppositories and what they were and how they worked and said i wanted to try them for migraines and people told me i was kinky and perverted for wantint to try them for migraines

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    You will not shock your doctor.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    If you can't tell your doc how is he suposed to help you correctly?.. just tell him who cares if its embarrassing.

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