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Guys: Why would you do a 180 on the kind of girl you date?

If you had spent your whole life dating Girls that looked like they stepped off the set of ‘jersey shore‘ (fake tan, super long acrylic nails, ‘Party girl’ type, etc), What would make you decide to date somebody who’s the exact opposite of that?

Would it be a choice or would your preferences just naturally evolve over time?

I’m finding it so hard to believe that my boyfriend would genuinely be physically attracted to me because I don’t do the spray tans, I paint my nails but they’re my natural nails, I dress feminine but not in the skin-tight bodycon dresses (I just don’t have the confidence to pull off that look), I don’t drink alcohol, etc.

He tells me that I’m beautiful and I’m sexy, but he never dated my type before, so why would he now? And I’ve been told throughout my life that I’m not pretty and I am plain looking. I feel like he’s either kidding himself or he’s just desperate and settling for me like everyone else has seemed to do.

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    One of my brothers was like that - constantly dating fake looking blondes with curves and few brain cells. He had a string of bad relationships that basically led to a mental breakdown and addictions after they drained his bank account. He just started seeing a very quiet, very sweet, very smart girl before covid sent us into quarantine and I know they've been talking every day during the lockdown. He told me he was just tired of dating girls who were fun and exciting on the surface but boring underneath and basically used him for his money. He wants someone with substance. 

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    Jersey shore girls are so ugly. Your probably prettier than those girls and body con dresses are so 2009. I think he probably just grew up and realized those girls were fake and kind of ugly to be honest. Fake tan is so basic and plastic surgery is gross unless it’s  for a deformity or something. He probably likes you. Not all guys want circus **** and Kylie Jenner lips. 

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    Why are you overthinking this? A man is totally out of tune with a woman's doubts about her beauty and self-worth. If he's attracted to you he's attracted to you. Be yourself and see where it goes.

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    I think it’s a little of both. People grow over time and part of that growth is unconscious (something that you don’t think about, it just happens) and some of it is very deliberate (e.g. you just get sick of dating a certain type of person). And there are many reasons. You mature and your priorities change etc..

    The 180 could be that he smartened up. That’s a good thing. Maybe he’s always dated the same kind of girl and it always turns out badly, so why not learn from the past and look for other qualities in women and see how that goes. 

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    -He could be tired of the same type of women that aren't working out for him.

    -You could be totally getting better looking as you get older.

    I'm guessing it's a little of both of those.

    I would not let self-doubt slip in, enjoy the relationship for what it is, and accept what he tells you as truth until proven otherwise.  If you keep second guessing this, your insecurities are going to sabotage the relationship.

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    maybe because you're the rebound

    when i read this, i expected you to be a tomboy. you are still a "girly girl"

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    Now see you are insecure over something that is the total opposite of what would concern me. I would worry more if someone wanted to date me because I looked like their ex. I would feel like he was not over her and wanting to replace her with me. 

    People evolve over time. I spent my youth only dating guys who played lead guitar in rock bands. then I grew up.

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    Could be any number of things.  One is chemical, meaning sex pheromones.  People can be attracted by pheromones without even knowing it.  It just means he likes YOU and what you have going on.  It's not all about physical appearance.  Another option is pure sexual.  Again, he just likes what you have to offer.  You shouldn't dwell on it too much, just enjoy the experience.

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    I want to date a lot of beautiful girls

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