Why do people like to put Leo’s and Scorpios against each other ?

These signs are always compared or expected to be enemies. I’m Leo never really had issues with Scorpios at least most of them.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Its because both of them are so much alike they both are control freaks that likes to dominate and control how other people think mentally and emotionally because of that most people can't handle being around both of them for long periods of time in simple words it takes a strong individual who must be willing to argue with them if they want a long lasting relationship with either of them cause there will be some type of drama if any person does not stand up to them they will be constantly bullied by both of them

  • 2 months ago

    Idk Ik a lot of leos and I really like them, but the women have been the most evil to me, everytime there's someone who wants me dead more than anything! Like they can freakin taste my blood, it's some leo chick. Leo women have been the biggest hot mess... Jealous freaks! That's supposed to be my zodiac trait! (Possessive, lol) but they can eat my dust! But overall, I dont pay my haters any mind, not my problem. That seems to just piss attention freak leo out more! I win😻😛

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    They do that because they don't understand astrology and have been duped by those who write about "zodiac signs" in order to make money writing.

    Using astrology, we do NOT compare the Sun signs to see how two people interact. While the Sun sign of a person is easy to find, it is only 2% of the individual's personal birthchart, so it is pretty useless .. astrologically speaking.

    If we want to understand how two individual's interact, using astrology, first we have to find out the moment and location of each person's birth, and we do up each person's unique birthchart from that birthdata.

    Then we look for any particular distances (called synastry aspects) between one person's Ascendant and 10 planets (of which Sun is one) AND the OTHER person's Ascendant and 10 planets.

    Each of the many synastry aspects indicates an influence on how the two interact .. there will always be some harmonious interactions shown in some situations, and some discordant interactions shown in other situations between the two people. 

    What makes the difference is how many harmonious vs how many discordant, and how emotionally mature both parties are, and especially how much they are involved in each other's life (the closer you get to someone, tthe more intense all interactions - both positive and negative - are going to be).

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