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Do Conservatives only feel love because religion tells them too?

Humans are merely evolutionary advanced animals, love is really nothing more than instinct or hormones.

When mother says to her child, “I love you,” she is not expressing anything other than the instinct to preserve her species, just as a mommy zebra protects and fosters the growth of the baby zebra. That’s it. Nothing more. It is instinct combined with verbal tags. When a parent “loves” her child, she is just adding a verbal cue to an advanced evolutionary instinct to carry on the species.

The same is true between two lovers. Nothing sacramental, metaphysical, or spiritual is happening in a loving relationship. The two don’t “become one flesh” as the Bible claims and matrimonial language any more than a rooster and a hen “become one flesh.”When a man says, “I love you,” to his wife, he is simply expressing something about his hormonal levels toward her as a mate. What he is really saying is, “My hormones surge for you,” not “You are my soul mate,” because souls don't exist or metaphysical connections between humans.A man’s hormones might start surging for another woman (or several women) at some point. The same man might also be ready to say, “I love you,” to these new women, too as all hetero men are pigs (I am a man and happily admit this)

There is no such think as souls, Heaven, Hell etc when you die it's lights out and you become dinner for the worms. The sooner you accept this the happier you will be. 

In the words of John Lennon "And no religion too"

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    Conservatives don't feel love for anyone but themselves. For everyone else they're consumed with hatred.

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