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If Trump was Epstein's best friend why was he banned from  Trump's home in Palm Beach and Trump was never invited to Epstein's Lolita Island?

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    Story has it that the female staff at Mar-Lago were complaining about Epstein sexually harassing them sometime in the 90s. Trump kicked him out and ended their friendship.

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    They used to be friends but they fell out for some reason or another 

    If trump suspected epstein was into young girls he should have reported the matter to the police for investigation. 

    Perhaps trump never knew or just didn't care enough to tell the cops

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    Trump and Epstein's reltionship was cut short/broken up rather quickly. The right will say it is becouse Trump found out what a dirt-bag Epstein was while the left will claim. Epstein was just another bill that trump stiffed.

    Either way, it doesn't dismiss Clinton's friendship as well as many other big wigs

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    Cause he's not a pedo like pedo joe

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    Trump banned Epstein from his the state because of his behavior toward young women. Trump never went to Lolita Island but yet Bill Clinton went there 26 times.

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