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Do You Agree That If Shayna Baszler Beats Asuka For The Raw Women's Title At  Summerslam 2020, This Will Look Bad For The Women's Division?

im not happy Shayna came back last night because she 's gonna do more damage and end women's careers in the women's division. you seen what she did to Sarah Logan and she broke her arm. i bet she's gonna bury a lot of talent of women in the WWE. i bet she's gonna retain the RAW Women's Title at Wrestlemania 37 next year if she faces any woman at Wrestlemania 37. Shayna is a female Brock Lesnar and she's on Vince's payroll and this will make WWE look bad for the women's division. screw Vince, screw Kevin Dunn and screw Bruce Pritchard and screw WWE. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
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    Accidents happen and anyone is better than the annoying spaz now known as Asuka.

    FYI Sarah Logan is the reason she broke her own arm not Shayna Baszler.

  • Adam
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    3 weeks ago

    No I think it will help the woman's division. With Becky and Charlotte out, Baszler is the most credible woman to have as champion. She wins, holds the belt until Becky comes back and loses it to Becky

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