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I can't form a linguistic sequence without constantly using "then" and " and" - help please ?

I'm trying to turn these steps into a paragraph but I have more " thens" than I should ,

How would you turn into a paragraph ?1. A polyA tail is added to the mRNA 2. A polyT primer is added.3. Reverse transcriptase synthesizes cDNA from mRNA. 

4.Reverse Transcriptase degrades and discards mRNA 

5.Reverse Transcriptase uses cDNA to create a complimentary strand. 

That's it. 


I'm sorry about how unorganized the question is, when I wrote it the points where under each other & organized but I guess that wasn't a preview.

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    You don't really have too many "ands" and "thens."

    It's just that you've become sensitized to them so they seem too conspicuous to you.

    But the reader just breezes past them without even noticing the accumulated total.

    In addition, these words make the reader feel oriented in the description, with clear signals of "first, second, etc"

    Do you like this edit?

    First a polyA tail is added to the mRNA and a polyT primer is added.

    Then reverse Transcriptase synthesizes cDNA from mRNA and discards mRNA

    Finally, reverse Transcriptase uses cDNA to create a complimentary strand.

    Even better would be a bulleted or numbered list with five members, but that may not be possible if you want a narrative-style piece.

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    Simple.  When you want to use either, "then", or "and", you put a period (aka "full stop") Then continue with a new sentence.

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