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My husband hurts me and than looks for a reaction ?

He has this thing where he likes to pinch and bite. He pinches and it hurts. When we go on a walk together, he starts pinching me and than when I say "ow" or "stop" he gets mad and tells me to keep quiet because people will look at him as the bad guy when hes clearly joking. It isn't a joke to me and I hate when he pinches me or even bites me. I don't think hes abusing me since he thinks it's a joke but it hurts. When he pinches me, he looks to see if I'm crying. There are times where I start crying because he wouldn't stop. He says I make a big deal when hes clearly joking. We're both only 24. 

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    Slug him publicly. See if he likes that. 

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    Apparently, you have been unsuccessful in persuading him his idea of a joke is not something you can tolerate. As a result, you might want to seek some kind of counseling in the hope it will help you deliver this message and get him aware of the important of respecting your wishes in this regard.

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    You hate it. Its no joke if it hurts - physically or emotionally. 

    What he is doing when he does this in public is FORCING you to minimise your reaction at his abuse, rather than "causing a scene" - that is doubly cruel of him. He is trying to hide his bullying by calling it "humor", but you aren't laughing are you? He KNOWS what he is doing because he is LOOKING for that reaction from you. And biting you? What is he some sort of dog or something? He either has the mentality of a 5 year old, or he is into inflicting pain - and doing that to you. Neither would be good relationship material for you. Don't put up with it. No matter what he claims it is him being abusive towards you. You have told him it hurts. You have told him to stop doing it. He CHOOSES to continue to do it. So? What you do from here is up to you, but KNOW its real name - physical and emotional abuse. 

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    If he knows that he’s hurting you and he’s looking for a reaction he’s bullying you. And if he says that then he’s only joking around and that you’re making a big deal about it then if he’s only kidding around why is it such a big deal that you have something to say obviously it’s not him joking he just doesn’t want to get caught at being a mean bully. If you’re not laughing and it’s bringing you to tears in pain that is not normal. 

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    Not abusing you? Are you just plain clueless? It's time to walk away unless of course, you're prepared to continually suffer mental and physical abuse because you don't think he's abusing you since he thinks it's a joke. Are you seriously listening to yourself? 

    He gets mad and tells me to keep quiet because people will look at him as the bad guy when he's clearly joking. That's because he is the bad guy, hence, telling you to be quiet! 

    There are times where I start crying because he wouldn't stop. He says I make a big deal when he's clearly joking. Tears of joy are one thing, however, crying due to hurting through pain being inflicted upon us by another human being isn't a joke it's mental torture and manipulation at it's worst! Correct me if I'm the stupid one here as I actually thought that a joke was supposed to be something funny, or am I wrong? This Neahanderhal clearly hasn't evolved from the days of knuckle-dragging and dragging you back to his cave leaving your body in serious pain al because it was considered a joke despite them having no knowledge of the fact, how ironic is that?

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