discord.js API ratings images?

I'll keep it simple and short.

i made a pokemon TCG bot that allows you to open booster packs.

i have a for loop that runs code that generates up to 11 images using canvas.

each image is using an "await" so an image is generated every 3 seconds up to 11 images. (every 3 seconds an image is shown)

my images are local files NOT gathered by online.

i think every 3 seconds is decent and if i make it wait longer it gets tedious to sit and wait to see all cards. (granted i may actually create a canvas that shows 6 cards in one image and just show 2 images on screen instead of 11 separate)

my question is, is this breaking API rating restrictions? i read the terms and i do not fully understand them. thanks in advance!

if this is breaking the rules, then I'll just make the canvas hold 6 card images so i only generate 2 images total instead of 11

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