How can one collect Retroactive Backpay? EDD UI?


I am currently collecting partial unemployment from the state of CA. Long story short - I only qualify during some weeks, and some weeks I don't qualify as I make above the $450 threshold. My hours have been reduced since late march - early April. Unknowingly, I filed my UI claim a bit too late and received my first payment on 05/29. 

My question is, how can I, if possible, collect retroactive backpay dating back to late march - early April? I have my pay stubs to upload as proof that I should have been qualified for previous weeks. 

Just curious whether if I qualify or not - when I entered my info on the "retroactive pay" page on EDD, it straight up told me I do not have any weeks to certify. 

Just thought I should ask so I know for sure Im not leaving any money on the table.


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