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What does free Hong Kong mean?

Can someone please explain why some people are saying this phrase?

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    Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997 by the British according to the original contract between the Chinese and British governments of 1898. The agreement signed by both governments prior to the handover said that Hong Kong would be under joint control for 50 years.That period still has 27 years to run, but the Chinese have decided not to wait, but to tear up the agreement (which had been properly ratified by the UN) and start demolishing the extra rights and privileges that Hong Kong citizens are legally entitled to.

    Hong Kong people are not ones to take this lying down, and there have been large-scale protests. China has now passed a law - whose provisions were not even SEEN by the people who voted for it - destroying any last chances of a fair trial for anyone putting a toenail wrong.

    Britain and the US and Australia and the EU have all protested. And China, outrageously, is now accusing them of "interfering in China's internal affairs"  - when THEY, China, signed the agreement on joint control themselves.

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    This is one of the fundamental goals of the movement to preserve and expand the freedom of Hong Kong as opposed to making Hong Kong fully integrated into the mainland China political and social system. In other words, it means protecting the independence of Hong Kong, not allowing it to be swallowed by China and, thus, lose its identity and related liberties.

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    HK was an independent city-state under British control until about 2000, when the land deal allowing Britain to use that territory was ended. As a British domain, it was under "free" rule as with many western democracies.  China pretended that it would allow HK to keep those governmental practices even after retaking the territory.  They have not kept that promise.  Instead, they dominate HK and have taken away freedoms once allowed the people of HK (and they keep increasing strict rule over the territory).  That is the "free" part: make them free again like they were and was promised.

    We can argue whether the british having possession of HK territory in the first place was just or not, but the deal was that CHina would give HK independence after it was returned, and they have not respected the terms of the deal.  It is not dissimilar to how Russia (USSR) treated the eastern European countries after WW II.

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    China owns HK                 .

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