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Why would a guy want a picture of a woman that he knows he can’t have sex with and won’t date bc she won’t have sex before marriage?

The girl told him for cultural reasons, she can’t have sex before marriage. She’s the most beautiful woman he knows and he thinks she’s gorgeous and wanted to see her in a dress that she bought especially for him bc they started dating but he couldn’t wait till marriage bc he’s been having sex since 17 and is now 33. He said he’s in no rush to get married. How does he actually feel about this lady? He “said” he likes her a lot

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    He want marry her soon. He crushed.

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    From the sounds of things he just wants to show your picture to brag to his friends, and also you might even potentially no longer be a virgin as he'd also tell them he popped your cherry too. Scumbag if ever as it's all written between the lines/lies that he's giving you to hopefully win you over! 

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    If they both have completely incompatible views on sex before marriage, they're not a match. If he's still dating her, and he's "in no rush" to get married, then he's probably hoping he can wear her down and get her to have sex with him sooner or later.

    I think they should break it off.  If she does give in, she'll always regret sacrificing her own values for a man who probably won't ever marry her anyway.

  • Because people do dumb things in the pursuit of things they can't have.  

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