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Peep asked in HealthWomen's Health · 4 weeks ago

Women with PCOS?

How long were your periods? What did you do when you started bleeding non stop? Was it painful?? I think i might have pcos.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    My periods never stopped.  They got lighter, but they never completely stopped.

    And, yes, it CAN be very, very painful.

    A better source of info is an M.D.

  • kelvin
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    4 weeks ago

    were not doctors on here and why not call and ask yours

  • Andy C
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    4 weeks ago

    I'm not a doctor,  but I am married to one.  She learned of the genesis of PCOS, which has the same cause of 85% of obesity cases, all of diabetes II and most heart disease,  as well as many other metabolic disorders. 

    The cause is a liver conditioner condition called metabolic syndrome,  which is brought on by a dief containing regular added sugars and white flour products (all sources of unmitigated fructose).

    Metabolic syndrome increases your odds of death from COVID-19 by 10×, and most Americans HAVE metabolic syndrome WITHOUT KNOWING IT.

    Quitting regular sugars won't necessarily reverse PCOS, but it would prevent it or best treat it to the point of minimal medication. 

    I read the book by the guest lecturer at my wife's continued medical education seminar.

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